Students are billed three times per year, once for every term. Bills are posted online on Hornet HQ by the Student Accounts Office. Payment of the balance is due in full on the first day of classes unless a payment plan is set up.

Billing Calculators

Many families want to estimate bills before they are posted for planning purposes, while we cannot post bills any earlier we do have billing calculators available online. These calculators provide a good estimate of charges, financial aid, and what the final bill will look like. We have two calculators available, one for first year students and one for continuing students.

These calculators are divided between costs and credits. Costs refer to direct charges to the student and include tuition, room, meal plan, and fees. You may need to adjust the room and meal plan options to reflect what the student selected. Credits refers to a student’s financial aid that is deducted from the costs to give you the final balance. Financial aid that the student has been offered can be added in this section.


Payments are made to the Student Accounts Office online through Hornet HQ or by mail. We have a video available online on how to navigate the billing section of Hornet HQ and how to make payments.