Attending Kalamazoo College is a life-changing experience. The Office of Financial Aid will help show you how your K education can be within your financial reach. In fact, in the 2021-22 academic year, 98 percent of Kalamazoo College students shared nearly $56.5 million in grants and scholarships.

Academic Year Costs

Academic Year Costs

Tuition and Fees
Room and Board

Prospective Students

Student grants, such as Pell Grants, are awarded based on financial need. Students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be fully evaluated for state, federal and institutional need-based financial aid. Kalamazoo College’s FAFSA ID is 002275.

Financial aid affordability chart, data presented below

Kalamazoo College also offers merit-based scholarships, which are awarded separately from the FAFSA. They vary in application and format, and can have different deadlines and requirements. Prospective students may directly contact their admission counselor for more information on these opportunities.

Admitted Students

Congratulations on being accepted to Kalamazoo College, one of the top private colleges in Michigan and the country! Learn more about aid, billing and loan requirements, or use our aid glossary to get started.

Continuing Students

Continuing students who file a FAFSA must refile each year to renew their financial aid. The online application is available beginning Oct. 1 for the next academic year. Fill it out as soon as possible and include K’s FAFSA ID number, 002275. You will be required to submit tax data. Michigan residents must file a FAFSA by March 1 each year. If your legal residence is outside Michigan, you may look up the FAFSA deadline for your state.You may view your financial aid information by logging in through the Hornet HQ. Consult our policies to learn how not taking enough credits, course withdrawal and satisfactory academic progress can affect your financial aid. Estimate your costs and find more information on how your aid is disbursed.